New Brighton sea front looks set to invite in some new inhabitants.

Inspired by the myth of the Black Rock Mermaid, a number of mermaid statues produced by local community groups, artists and schools are set to spring up around the resort. Work is due to start on the project in the autumn and the statues should begin appearing by spring next year.

New Brighton Coastal Community Team, responsible for the Mermaid Trail, hopes the statues will introduce visitors to the legend of the Black Rock Mermaid and also to the interesting areas and attractions of New Brighton situated away from the sea front.

Funding has been provided using a grant of £10,935 from The Burbo Bank Extension Fund provided by DONG energy. The energy company has set up the fund as part of their community involvement during the extension of the wind farm in Liverpool Bay. It benefits voluntary organisations in the seaside communities around the wind farm site.

Legend has it that 18th century Liverpool sailor John Robinson fell for the mermaid who he saw sitting on Black Rock. She was also said to frequent the Mermaid Stones situated on the coast close to Leasowe Castle. Joining him on his boat, the mermaid was said to have given him a ring. Later, she went back to the sea and John Robinson went home. He met his death five days later.

Roxy Gillespie