In this period of uncertainty, there is one artist that is pushing ahead and making sure nothing is stopping her momentum. Natalie McCool is back again with her newest single ‘Closure’. Following on from the recent national success of her latest single it’s time to keep the accelerator going, especially with this, a small taste of her forthcoming album.

As we see from her career, creating her debut album ‘The Great Unknown’ in 2016, she has built upon her song-writing prowess in swift fashion. Here we are in 2020 and she’s already well on her way to becoming another of Liverpool’s prominent national and worldwide musicians. Originally penned to showcase her talent at SXSW, she instead along with many others will be rescheduling events. Most notably a headline spot at Kazimier Stockroom on 24th September.

With her slick brand of well written melodies over a mattress of distorted guitars and soundscapes, her beautiful voice blends wonderfully into this atmospheric mixture. With her latest single, we see a more upbeat version of this mould, which she describes as “a high energy middle finger to your once beloved”. Closure looks at the saying goodbye, figuratively, to someone in your life who you once loved.

With a thumping drum rhythm bringing the piece along, the same distorted and swirling sounds carry the music into each section.

When you are suffering from loss & grief from a bond that’s been broken, the emotions you feel are very complex and numerous, the facets of a break-up are many – like a rainbow. This idea interests me because rainbows are always seen as positive, and I believe going through that range of feeling is also positive because it’s a necessary process FOR closure.”

For fans, Natalie recently launched a monthly podcast series called McCool & The Gang, to explore different parts of the music industry with featured guests so far including Chris Hawkins, The Whyte Horses, Hattie Pearson and Silent Cities.

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Michael Fell