Liverpool’s new glam-rock trio MULTIBEAM underpin their contemporary rock sound with colourful energy alongside a penetrating bass-line.

MULTIBEAM are a fresh new addition to the roster of Liverpool artists and have spent their quarantine sharpening their songwriting ability whilst cultivating an image of modern glamour. Founded by front man Johnny Cosmonaut and brothers George and Jimmy Craig, MULTIBEAM have sprung into existence without warning and have set themselves a precedent for a future of addictively fruitful rock.

The track, which explores the spontaneous ventures of a loose cannon named Dimitri, was mixed by Nothing But Thieves guitarist Dom Craik with exceptional professionalism. The production value itself allows for the repetition of a simple lead riff to become a driving force for the power behind the track. The explosive tone to the song remains consistent throughout with intricate bass lines and ear scratching guitar solos, coinciding effectively with the track’s lyrical narrative of sex, drugs and impulsive behavior. 

MULTIBEAM – Dimitri (Official Video)

The gleeful yet abrasive attitude that is heard throughout the track seems to stem from a balance of both chaos and joy that has manifested within the song’s energy. Johnny’s bedlam lyricism and delivery within the chorus – “Take it easy, Dimitri. Keep it clean! Take it easy! Take it easy! Keep it clean.” – creates a sense of untamable anxiety that can only be subdued by getting lost within the flow of the songs message and tone. 

The track also has a complimenting music video that is shamelessly loaded with innuendos. Shot and edited by Rio Carciero, the video consists of a montage of phallic fruit, bubblegum and pop-rocks, all of which are depicted upon brightly coloured  backgrounds, perfectly replicating the explosive, joyful and evocative nature of the song. 

Having already attained over 30,000 streams on Spotify in a matter of weeks, whilst recently receiving radio play on Radio 1’s Future Artists with Jack Saunders, MULTIBEAM are sitting in a very comfortable position as a band that are new to the scene. With live shows still a wish for the future, the most we can do now is sit and hop that these guys continue to deliver new tunes whilst we wait.

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Harry Breen

Feature Image Photo Credit: Rio Carciero