There are various reasons why UK residents move to Liverpool: starting a family, looking for a change of pace, entering the job market as a fresh graduate, jumpstarting a career, getting a quality education, or just fleeing the hustle-bustle of London without totally uprooting their life. Regardless, Liverpool is a forgiving place.

Located in Merseyside, England, the most recent surveys estimate that Liverpool is home to almost half a million UK residents. This number makes the city of Liverpool the tenth-largest English district by population. Additionally, Liverpool’s metropolitan area is considered the fifth-largest in the country, housing over 2.24 million residents.

The population of Liverpool is steadily increasing as more and more people are making the move to Liverpool. Here, we discuss a few reasons as to why Liverpool could be the best place for you to live in!

Liverpool Is A Proud World Heritage Site!

Liverpool is defined by as ‘the supreme example of a commercial port at the time of Britain’s greatest global influence.’ The city has earned numerous accolades thanks to its rich history and well-maintained 19th and early 20th-century architecture. UNESCO classifies Liverpool as a World Heritage Site, a testament to its beauty and its pivotal role in world history. Since 2008, the UK government and various private institutions have invested over £750 million for the maintenance and reconstruction of Liverpool’s historic assets. Simply put, as a resident of Liverpool, you get to enjoy its breathtaking and marvellous sights on a daily basis!

Liverpool Is A Treat To The Eyes

Speaking of breathtaking and marvellous sights, imagine taking a casual stroll along the side of the River Mersey. Its serene waters reflecting bright orange hues as the sun sets over the horizon — who wouldn’t get used to that sight? Liverpool’s iconic waterfront is a popular attraction for tourists and residents alike. Watch your worries and daily stress melt away as you walk around in a city as beautiful as Liverpool. 

Liverpool Has A Slower Pace Of Life

A significant part of newcomers to Liverpool are Londoners who wanted to get away from the crazy London life. Liverpool offers a more relaxed way of life, a chance for residents to appreciate the smaller things. The place is perfect for retirees and couples starting a family. 

Sports Culture

Sports fans would have a field day living in Liverpool. The city houses some of the best sports establishments in the country. The Liverpool City Region has THREE historic football clubs. Just a mile away from Everton, they are considered as two of the Premiership’s finest. 

England’s Golf Coast, appropriately called the finest stretch of championship golf in the world, can be found in Liverpool. With three Royal Links courses, it has hosted a series of Open Champions and Ryder Cups, including the Royal Birkdale in Southport, Royal Liverpool at Hoylake, and the Wallasey Golf Club.

Vibrant Arts Scene

The art scenery in Liverpool is no slouch either. Holding numerous art exhibitions and displays, the Museum of Liverpool is no doubt one of the best in the country. Residents of Liverpool also get to enjoy events such as the Liverpool Theatre Festival. And, of course, who could ever forget that Liverpool is the birthplace of arguably one of the most well-known bands in history: The Beatles!


What makes Liverpool so popular for residents is its relatively affordable rent. Rent has become an almost taboo subject for residents in the UK. Everyone is all too familiar with how rent has become impossibly high throughout the country.  In London, rent sets you back thousands of pounds a month, and we’re talking about a small one-bedroom apartment. 

This is not applicable to Liverpool. Rental costs are exponentially cheaper. Housing size is also bigger than other cities. MoverDB states that the average price per calendar month in Liverpool is around 217% times cheaper than London.

1 Bedroom flat in the City Centre £ 450 +
1 Bedroom flat outside the City Centre £ 350 +
3 Bedroom flat in the City Centre £ 700 +
3 Bedroom flat outside the City Centre £ 525 +

Often, this is the most significant driving factor as to why someone chooses to move to Liverpool. While the salary is lower than what you may be used to in London, the average cost of living is also reduced by almost half. This is the trade-off that you must calculate.

Are you on a budget when moving to Liverpool? Here is an extra tip on how to save when moving to Liverpool.

Hire A Man and Van

Moving to Liverpool can be quite costly not to mention outright dangerous, especially if you’re doing it alone.  It may sound counterintuitive, but you will be able to save more when you hire a man and van in Liverpool. A man and van company can quickly transfer all your stuff from your old place to your new house, all in one go — no need to make multiple trips and waste your gas. Additionally, think of the wear and tear of your car. Your bulky items would be tricky to move in your four-seater. It can permanently affect the lifespan of your vehicle.