Motel Bar is the kind of place one doesn’t simply visit. Motel is, in fact, the kind of place that you experience.

The venue is decorated with graphic novel style art work on the walls, as well as neon signs, metal caging, chairs that don’t match and a collection of other things you wouldn’t expect to find in a bar. The neon signs, sporting quotes and slogans, add a layer of fluorescent light, that add to the underground feel of this special place. Even its location adds to the underground feel. Motel bar is located on Fleet Street and feels slightly isolated. However its location makes Motel that bar you hear about before you go and visit, and that is really where its appeal lies. Motel is quite frankly a cool place to be.

Motel offers a fantastic selection of drinks. It’s cocktail list might not be as extensive as some of the other bars in town. But what Motel lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. Each drink is expertly mixed by the Mixologists behind the bar. When it comes to beers Motel has a great selection.

Motel Taco

Taco Tray

Though keeping with the American dive bar feel, the beers on offer are mostly from Americana brands. If It’s a bite to eat you are looking for then Motel has you covered as well. Motel offers you the opportunity to create your own taco, with your own taco kit. Lets be honest here, who doesn’t love places that allow you a bit of food D.I.Y? Currently Motel are also offering a Christmas menu. By Christmas Menu I actually mean a feast of spicy things. Not a traditional christmas meal, but still looks to be an interesting take on the concept. (and at £12 a head pretty cheap too.)

Once you enter Motel there is a good chance you’ll never want to leave. If you nip in just to take a look you’ll find yourself there until closing, then you’ll wake up in the morning and not regret a thing (That’s what I did anyway). Even if the atmosphere of the place doesn’t grab you straight away, the fantastic music selection will. There is a fantastic mix of music; ranging from 60’s garage bands to grunge music of the 90’s (I got to hear a Dinosaur Jr song in a bar. That was me sold from the get go). If you haven’t been to Motel yet then I implore you to. If you have been then I’m sure you’ll be going back. Motel really is one of those special places and is hastily becoming one of my favourite spots in town.

For more information follow them on Twitter (@Motel_bar) or check them out on Facebook (MotelBarLiverpool)

Matt Husselbury