Monopoly is one of the most iconic board games of all time, the perfect entertainment for get-togethers with family and friends. 

First created in 1935, the game has retained its original structure while being developed into many different themes and franchises such as Star Wars, Cat Lovers and Dinosaurs.

Not content with exploring different themes, Monopoly has also roamed into a whole range of places, including the much-loved city of Liverpool. 

Here’s a look at what happens when the Hasbro classic melds with one of the most famous cities in the north of England.

Liverpool Edition Monopoly

Liverpool is a city that’s blessed with a rich and diverse history that spreads across art, tourism, culture and industry, to name but a few. This fabulous tapestry is why the city was named the European Capital of Culture in 2008. 

All of this is captured in Liverpool Edition Monopoly, a changed theme that still follows the same classic gameplay. Players will still have their familiar bank money and will be aiming to build houses and hotels to acquire wealth, but instead of Park Land and Mayfair, Liverpool has the Royal Liver Building and High Street.

There are many well-known spots from Liverpool all around the board. All of which embodying everything from music and the arts through to sport and shopping. The train stations are replaced with Lime Street Station, Mersey Ferry, Liverpool Airport and Paradise Street Bus Station, but the “Go to Jail” square is unchanged, so beware!

With everything themed around Liverpool, playing this game feels like taking a tour of the city even if you can’t be there in person.

Liverpool FC Monopoly

Liverpool is a city that loves its football, a fact that the Liverpool Edition of Monopoly pays tribute to. However, in this version, it’s not just a square or two that pays tribute to the sport; it’s an entire game. 

It’s worth mentioning also that the Liverpool Edition of Monopoly represents both Everton and Liverpool, the two top clubs in the area. This version is all about Liverpool FC, so it might not be the best pick for any Everton fans out there!

Pick from playing pieces that include a whistle, trophy and a football and make your way around the board, which is covered with names of famous footballers from the club, both male and female. 

Rather than landing on properties, you’ll be landing on people – will Jordan Henderson cost you money or prove to be a lucrative acquisition?

With the return of Liverpool to the Champions League, it’s the perfect timing to play this game!

Online Fun

If you enjoy exploring the Liverpool Monopoly games, there’s more fun lined with the online version – Monopoly Live

With the chance to soak up an authentic casino atmosphere, there’s the chance to discover a new style of Monopoly play. An augmented reality world brings the Monopoly board to life in stunning 3D detail, but you’ll need to qualify for the bonus round to play. Spin the wheel and take your chances in a modern version of Monopoly that’s been updated for the next millennium.