You know with some songs, they just seem to bypass any cerebral faculties and go straight for the solar plexus? They assault the primordial senses, and stimulate those areas that evoke those sensations which just seem to come naturally – which aren’t right or wrong – they just happen. Mal Hijo’s latest offering – released just before Xmas – is one such song, and is more pagan in temperament than the usual seasonal offerings.

This is a song that isn’t going to be in the running for any prose / poetry competition, but as I say, this is about raw emotion, of how things, given the right alignment, can make you feel. It opens with a real gloomy riff, and Blue drawling his lines “You got that something going on” and the atmosphere of sheer tension is created and then bursts into an anthemic chorus, which is so good – so good – that they get away with rhyming ‘no brainier” with “Cocainer”. Not convinced? Listen to the track – it works.

And while you are listening to it you will also probably start thinking about the visuals it suggests, and the music, vocal, lyric, production, all lends to such imaginative exercise. It evokes so much. The track is an emotional punch to the stomach wake up call, with great vocals, on the button musicianship and a fantastic muscular guitar workout completes a satisfying denouement. It is a track of the night, where all possibilities of the visceral could well happen. Love it. It demands to be on your playlist. No-brainier.

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Steve Kinrade