Liverpool is renowned for its yearly Halloween parade in Sefton Park produced by it’s home-grown “Lantern Co” residing in the bohemian hubbub Lark Lane. With last year’s parade postponed due to bad weather, the revered Liverpool Lantern Company takes its delights to the Festival Gardens for a whole different kind of environmentally concerned phenomena.

Brave the cold queues and you’re treated supremely to a nocturnal wonderland. As you pass through the gates a lantern menagerie of penguins, flamingos and grooming herons greet you. The spectacle itself is in honour of the coming of spring with a luminous trail challenging the unsustainable ways we thoughtlessly live out of convenience in the 21st century.

If you feel like crafting your own personalised lantern, then fork out a little more and go to the lantern workshop with the family to hang your lantern from a supplied cane, and proudly wield your creation as you stroll around the gargantuan lilies and groaning soothsayers.

Roaming lanterns stupefy the masses, with one of the most captivating being an old shrew of a grandmother – an incandescent guardian of the future looming over the crowds, and if it all gets too much you can always take solace in the abundance of food stalls for some pizza or a hot drink.

At the heart of it is a serious question laid bare: How is the ecosystem is being affected by the hands of science, attempting to encourage an eco-conscious philosophy but aside from that it’s a great experience for families, couples or anyone with a yen for the magical.

Joseph Giess