Lucy Gaffney teams up with DMA’s guitarist for a beautiful cover of the Australian rock band’s track.

Only mere weeks after our latest review, Liverpool Noise are back on the case of Lucy Gaffney, a fast-rising, honey-voiced Belfast/Liverpool-based singer-songwriter, who is quickly making a name for herself on the music scene even in this short space of time. 

From her arrival in April, followed by a succession of straight-to-socials acoustic covers that earned wild approval of thousands of new fans, including Liam Gallagher and DMAs, her loyal following has ensured that her music has been spread far and wide. Set to be the final song in a 4 track EP, Gaffney is aiming a sugar-coated bullet to the chest of impossible love once more in a cover of DMA’s In The Air, featuring the band’s own guitarist, Matt Mason, who contacted her with his offer to add guitars after posting her stripped-back version of In The Air.

Lucy’s debut single Can’t Escape, which we reviewed back in April, was the James Skelly-produced song about unrequited love coupled with the bitter sting of heartbreak which proved a hit as a mixture pop perfection and a powerful blend of emotions all incisively describing the hopelessness of these lost scenarios Gaffney finds herself writing about. Set to be released on 26 June on Modern Sky/Run On Records, In The Air finds Lucy paying homage to the sensitive songcraft of the Australian three-piece band DMA’s, as well as finding the ideal follow up to her own, original expression of listless infatuation.

DMA’s are most known for their single Delete, released back in 2014, but have had a flurry of hits since then, including supporting for Liam Gallagher in November 2019  Lucy was knocked out to be contacted by Mason with his offer to add guitars after posting her stripped-back version of In The Air, which the band released in 2018. 

All three covers appear as freshly recorded, studio versions on the In The Air EP, with an acoustic version of Can’t Escape bringing a new sense of vulnerability to what has proved to be a runaway success for the singer-songwriter. The EP was produced by Lucy’s brother, Thom Southern, at their home studio in Belfast during lockdown.

Lucy has previously hit the road with peers from Liverpool’s contemporary ‘Hall of Fame’, including The Coral, Bill Ryder-Jones and She Drew The Gun, and looks set to carry on her rise as we pass the midway point of 2020. 

Lucy Gaffney  In The Air Track Listing

1. In The Air. 2. Songbird, 3. Your Star Will Shine, 4. Can’t Escape (Acoustic)

Connect with Lucy Gaffney on social media at: Insta, Twitter and Facebook.

Michael Fell