This month sees the release of Husband Material’s self-titled EP with single, Spring. Born from the disbandment of a former indie-pop group, the Liverpool three-piece have had a busy and successful year honing their desired musical sound, to which they have done to great effect on their debut EP. 

A band with many influences such as The Smashing Pumpkins and My Bloody Valentine, indie-emo Husband Material’s eponymous work offers a small taste of a confident yet refreshingly naive band feeling their way into the musical world. Whilst the record as a whole definitely achieves an ethereal shoegaze sound through heavy, distorted guitars and dreamy vocals, each of the four tracks leave their own mark. 

Arguably their strongest track, Spring certainly does stand out as a single. A textured, guitar-heavy intro reminiscent of Weezer’s 1992 track, Only In Dreams, crescendos into confident vocals from lead singer Adam Stokes. The opening lines are a perfect example of the group’s use of beautifully simple lyrics that complement the highly-skilled musicianship of all three members, which perhaps is disguised by the Lo-Fi, DIY effect created from a rough and ready recording. Stokes’ vocals are not dissimilar to current indie-rock giants Catfish and the Bottlemen’s Van McCann. This clever blend of modern familiarity with late 80s-90s nostalgia and neo-psychedelia should work in the band’s favour when it comes to gathering an audience and fanbase.

I look forward to catching these guys live as soon as lockdown is lifted. 

Husband Material’s EP is set to be released on 22 May on all major platforms. 

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Rach Hankin