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Liverpool-Based Restaurant Reveals Stranger Things Inspired Burger Hack

Stranger Things season four is set to be released on the 27 May and inspired by the show’s alternate dimension, ‘The Upside Down’, burger restaurant, Fat Hippo, has revealed their number one hack which can ‘transform’ the taste of a burger.

The hack is simply eating the burger upside down to ensure the burger’s juices are absorbed into the thicker lid of the bun.

Fat Hippo have also researched other, lesser known and simple yet transformative hacks to take burger eating to a different dimension. 

Whether you’re looking for new and exciting ways to make a burger, or simply want to enhance your taste experience, these hacks will solve all of your burger problems.

The Upside Down Hack

In the first season of Stranger Things, Jonathan Byers tells his brother, Will, “you shouldn’t like things because people tell you you’re supposed to”, and that’s how you should think when eating your burger. 

Just because it’s the norm to eat a burger with the thicker side of the bun on top, it doesn’t mean you have to… there’s nothing strange about the upside down when it comes to eating a burger.

If you eat your burger upside down, it maximises the taste of the whole experience. The thicker side of the bun absorbs all of the juices and flavours, rather than them dripping out elsewhere, meaning you’ll get to enjoy an even more flavoursome burger!

Dickie Nelson, Executive Chef at Fat Hippo, thinks the upside down burger hack is the best one out there: “We use a 60:40 ratio when slicing the lid and base of buns. This allows the juices from the burger to be absorbed into the thicker piece of our demi brioche when using the upside down hack.”

In a TikTok video that reached over 900k views and 100k likes, Max Klymenko shared the upside down burger hack, stating that your burger will never fall apart.

The Burger Bun Alternatives

Burger bun alternatives have become increasingly popular due to people cutting down on the carbs that come with a burger. In this instance, people are replacing the burger bun with lettuce leaves, tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, or even two pieces of chicken.

Eating Your Burger Over Your Chips

Try eating your burger over your chips, so any toppings and sauces that inevitably fall out will mean your chips become ‘loaded’ with your favourite toppings! From burger drippings and extra burger sauce to the odd piece of gherkin and bacon, this hack will combine the best flavours from your burger with the tasty side of chips.

“Why not place your chips underneath your burger when eating it. That way you can still enjoy any of the fillings that fall out by making your very own dirty loaded fries,” says Dickie.


Living by the Stranger Things motto, “Friends Don’t Lie”, Fat Hippo have developed their own burger hacks for you to try that add even more flavour to your burgers… and they are not lying!

The Dirty Chip Butty

Order a brioche bun with your favourite dirty fries and you’ll be in for a treat! Whether you love classic cheesy chips or go all out with burger loaded fries, this hack combines all of your burger favourites into one bun. 

Fat Hippo chef, Dickie, says: “We love this at Fat Hippo, our dirty fries with our in-house burger sauce make for the perfect filling in a brioche bun. We’ve done it before here in the kitchen and I know it would work perfectly with any dirty fries you choose.”

6×6 Hack

The 6×6 is an exclusive burger from Fat Hippo and the team have shared a hack you cannot afford to miss out on.

Dickie explains: “At Fat Hippo, we’re all about celebrating the good kind of gluttony! The 6×6, found on our secret menu, is one of my favourites, combining six beef patties, American cheese, smoked bacon and our Fat Hippo sauce for the ultimate taste sensation!”

The ultimate Hippo hack? Swap the standard beef patties for six crispy buttermilk chicken pieces to take your 6×6 to the next level!

Try these hacks at home, or with a Fat Hippo burger, whether it’s while you’re watching the new Stranger Things series, or just because. 


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