As expected, the initial lockdown following the UK’s Covid-19 outbreak allowed for musicians to knuckle down and really sharpen their creative abilities. This has given many artists in Liverpool a chance to hone their sound and create a better vision for where they want their music to take them, leading to a storm of new music to overwhelm the city’s profusion of creatively enthused inhabitants. 

Once again, we at Liverpool Noise have compiled a Spotify playlist of some of the newest tracks that have been birthed out of lockdown. With a variety of genres that will have you entranced in a menagerie of sound; this playlist will be sure to help you fight those post-summer blues whilst discovering new hidden gems that will provide a reclamation of this city’s music culture. 

Here are some of our favourite tracks that feature.

Liverpool Noise Autumn Spotify Playlist

Aimée Steven – Today

Liverpool Noise Autumn Spotify Playlist Aimee Steven

Following months of new music exploration during lockdown, Aimée Steven is one of the few artists who took this opportunity to ameliorate her creative tastes. Taking her garage-rock sound through a more ambient route with a hint of psychedelia; her latest track Today explores a creative direction that none of us saw coming. Aimee is clearly comfortable with the foundation that she has set herself in her past work and has slowly begun to branch out into a new-wave style of grunge.

IAMKYAMI – Slow Down

IAMKYAMI Liverpool Musician

IAMKYAMI is a Liverpool-based singer songwriter, originally from upstate New York, who came to Liverpool to do a foundation year in music at LIPA. Her RnB style draws heavy influences from artists such as Lauryn Hill, however she provides her own contemporary twist with lo-fi styled beats alongside her soulful lyricism. Her new track Slow Down features her good friend Sonny Miles, providing a collaboration that allows for both artists to complement each other’s vocal abilities. Read our full review of the track here

Dr Orange – Take

Dr Orange Take


Chas Moody is really starting to cement his sound with his Dr Orange solo project. In his own words, Take was the ‘natural conclusion’ to the previous two singles, Comes In Threes and These Things (Baby I Know). Not only is his voice incredibly distinctive, but the use of spacey synths, fuzzy guitars and descriptive lyrics have all become staples of a Dr Orange track.

Red Rum Club – Ballerino

Red Rum Club

After the much anticipated release of their second album The Hollow Of Humdrum, Red Rum Club managed to make their way to number 10 in the official UK charts. With Ballerino being one of the four singles that were released in preparation for the album, they certainly created excitement amongst their Liverpool fanbase. These boys have set a clear direction for their music with this second album, with front man Fran Doran telling us “I think it’s just bigger! We’ve played big shows and big festival stages so we started writing songs for that.” 

Multibeam – Dimitri

MULTIBEAM Credit Rio Carciero

Photo Credit: Rio Carciero

Multibeam seem to have exploded onto the Liverpool/Manchester scene without warning with their debut single Dimitri. This glam-rock number has accumulated over 44,000 streams on Spotify with no prior work to direct their listenership, demonstrating its inherently memorable appeal to new listeners. The track provides a gleefully abrasive attitude that warrants such an unexpected explosion onto the music landscape. However, Multibeam seem to have instantly flown under the radar since releasing Dimitri, with a social media wipe and the declaration that they are now London based. Perhaps the instant success of their debut single has caught the ear of a few big-wigs. If so, we can be sure to hear a debut album sometime soon that will shake the foundations of pop music in the UK.

Check out all of the tracks that made our Autumn playlist below.

Liverpool Noise Autumn Spotify Playlist

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