Liverpool is set to play host to a special Stan Lee tribute event this Saturday (24th) with Marvel writers holding a series of comic workshops and tips for breaking into the comic industry at VideOdyssey Studio in Toxteth, to raise funds for the Stan Lee Foundation.
The comic world has been in mourning since news of the Spider-Man creator’s death at the age of 95. with an outpouring of grief for the man who created the Marvel Universe which has become familiar to millions of fans across the globe.
The event will take place at VideOdyssey, on Windsor Street, in Toxteth. Dubbed ‘the UK’s last video shop’ it is also home to a working TV studio, where the workshops will take place.
Videodyssey Liverpool
Liverpool based writers Tim Quinn and Alan Cowsill, who worked with Stan in New York during the Marvel Bullpen glory days of the 1980s… presentation of their memories of working with the comic icon.
Tim, who worked at the historic American paper the Saturday Evening Post, won his job there on the back of his particular brand of ‘Liverpool cheek’ and approached Marvel Chief Stan with an idea for a comic strip and became a stalwart of their in house writing staff, creating stories for The X-Men, Thor and Spider-Man.
Alan Cowsill started out as a comic dealer before becoming an award-winning writer and editor. He co-created Stormwatcher for Acme/Eclipse before working on UK’s Marvel line and writing the first UK-originated Spider-Man strips for more than a decade.
Videodyssey Liverpool Venue
Alongside the Marvel memories and comic work shop, there will be stalls selling comics and collectables and there will be a special screening of Stan Lee’s best cameo in a Marvel movie as voted for by the event attendees.
VideOdyssey owner Andy Johnson said they were proud to be hosting such a special event. He said: “We’re calling on all comic fans to come and help us pay homage to the Marvel legend. 
“Stan’s comic creation genius touched the lives of so many, with his stories bringing inspiration and comfort to millions of people around the world.
“VideOdyssey is proud to host a comic creating workshop, so bring your arty selves and little ones and let’s make some comics!
“Bring your brains, your pads and pencils sharpened ready for action. The Stan Lee Foundation has helped inspire thousands of writers and artists, let’s keep his legacy going.”
You can buy tickets for the Stan Lee Foundation fundraising event here
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