Light Night Liverpool Ice Sculpture

There is a certain charm Liverpool has that is impossible to ignore, and the city certainly lived up to its reputation last Friday night.

Liverpool Light Night 2014

MDI: African Rhythm’s perform in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

The annual culture festival, Liverpool Light Night, took place across the city at over 40 venues, showcasing the best arts and culture exhibitions the city has to offer. The exhibitions showed incredible variety, ranging from Chinese calligraphy to ice sculpting,reminding the public just why Liverpool held the ‘city of culture’ title back in 2008. The events on offer had a relaxed nature, allowing people to come and go as they please; over 130 of the events were free of charge. The recurring World War I theme marked the 100-year anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, producing thought-provoking exhibitions across the city.

The Anglican Cathedral, one of Liverpool’s most iconic buildings, was a popular venue on the night. The Cathedral came alive with psychedelic dance shows, light shows and even a Grand Organ recital. To top it off, visitors could go up The Tower to the top of the Cathedral to see the phenomenal view; although this is possible on other days throughout the week (at selected times), it was a fantastic opportunity to experience the effect of Light Night on the city as a whole. Beth Ingleby, an undergraduate student at The University of Liverpool said, “It was great to see the city in a new light; there’s much more to Liverpool than meets the eye.”

The already popular Camp and Furnace was the last venue of the night, hosting its weekly ‘Food Slam’ with a DJ until 2am. The variety of food available was as impressive as ever; ranging from personal tacos to crepes. For those more concerned with drink, several bars offering usual beverages, as well as creamy cocktails.

Liverpool Light Night Camp & Furnace


The atmosphere was exactly as hoped, and better; a sense of  hovered over the crowd, as eaters and  drinkers gradually  transformed into dancers. The festival was once again a  success; who knows  what can be expected next year!

Fran Collis