Following her hauntingly beautiful previous single Walk to West Berlin, Leonie Jakobi shows a different side to her writing with her new track You’re So Special.

The track instantly bursts into life, the opening guitar riff remnant of the beginning of a Western. It builds anticipation and instantly draws you in with its fast paced and thumping beat. You know within seconds that you are in for a ride with this track.

With a sound remnant of 70s and 80s Rock artists such as Pat Benetar and Blondie, Leonie stuns with this new single. The opening guitar riff provides a gritty, earthy base for Jakobi’s vocals to soar. Her voice is powerful and emotive throughout the track and she sings with such passion, as if she is singing the song only to you.

She is firm in her message with the track and demands attention. There is a true purpose to the song and the way in which it is vocally delivered. You can hear the strain and almost despair in her voice, especially as she sings the line “oh boy I should have known, I should have known.” Leonie describes the mission for her music to ‘hold a place in the heart of her listeners’ and she does just that with this track.

Listening to You’re So Special, I picture a packed music venue with an eager crowd in the height of summer, drinks in hand and ready to dance. Leonie is truly able to connect with her listeners, her honesty and penchant for writing a catchy melody invests you in her writing and I for one cannot wait to be able to see her perform live.

Songs like this are a true reminder of how important live music is and how we should cherish the amazing acts such as Leonie which we are lucky to have in Liverpool. 

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Helen Maw