Drawing inspiration from the likes of indie gods Oasis, The Stone Roses and Artic Monkeys, Lags’ songs make for easy listening on a roadtrip or when you’re stuck in the house on a rainy day. The Kirby lads – Danny, Liam, Anthony and Brad – have recently released three tracks on their debut EP, with more expected on the way.

Opening track ‘Feeling Alright’ is a catchy number, showcasing the band’s youth. The lyrics really sum up the battle of every young person to be carefree with the singer intoning, ‘I’m waiting for my time to set me free to be who I wanna be’. Alongside the jangling instrumentals, the song will clearly resonate with the general feeling of young people today.

The second song, ‘The Fox / The World’s Coming To Me’, takes a slightly different tone. The singer’s pared back vocals and the switch in progression of instrumentals make this song have a storytelling quality. It is the solo instrumental moments that really impress though – if this track is anything to go by the band are willing to experiment, making the prospect of future releases all the more exciting.

Closing the EP with ‘Tryna Find Your Name (About You)’, the lads capture the emotions of every love-struck youngster. The introduction of brass instrumentals towards the end gives the song a jazz quality, adding yet another string to the talented band’s bow.

Listen to EP on the band’s Soundcloud and keep an eye on new releases. Follow Lags on Facebook to be the first to hear about live gigs and band updates.

Tilly Martin