A surreal masquerade ball with music, dance, costume and carnival, will be hosted in Sefton Park’s iconic Palm House. KREWE Liverpool 2020 – The Mardi Gras Experience will see a brand new, exciting event that will be truly unique to the city of Liverpool.

The first acts have been announced ahead of the highly anticipated event and will feature International music collective Frog & Henry to the Palm House.

Beginning as street performing collective in 2013 on the streets of the Big Easy/Crescent City, the band is a truly international affair, with almost as many nationalities represented as members. The band boasts a reinvention of the worlds one and only unique foot operated Tuba Machine- which allows one person to play tuba and banjo simultaneously! See it played live at this surreal masquerade.

KREWE will also welcome a more familair face, as their home grown kaleidoscopic master of ceremonies; Laird Howard Ashley Storey – icon of the underbelly of Liverpool’s boho scene for a couple of decades and counting!

Also known as “Howard Be Thy name” this cannon ball kid is the former ring master from the depths of the Magnet’s burlesque subterranean circus, later Mellow Mello’s answer to the Fonz, and an ever evolving Time Lord frolicking as Birdman, Magician or Wizard within the quantum leaps of The Kazimier.

Currently the face of Lush – and their finest Dandy, the voice of pirate radio IWFM, this candid character is the people’s man about town, daydreamer of the airwaves, and Godfather to all the freaks and uniques! If you don’t already know him, you are soon never to forget him!

KREWE Liverpool 2020 – The Mardi Gras Experience

A surreal masquerade ball with music, dance, costume and carnival, housed in Sefton Park’s iconic Palm House.

– Live – Frog & Henry (New Orleans)
– Liverpool Krewes ((Performance and procession from select local art and dance organisations)
+ lots more special guests to be announced!

– Ragtime jazz, swing dance, performance and New Orleans’ funk.
– Join a Krewe or create your own!

Dress code: surrealist fashion / ethical fashion / Krewe costume themes / swinging glad rags / dress up to get down

Produced by Laura Brownhill (The Kazimier) and David McTague (Mellowtone).

Tickets: http://mellowtone.skiddletickets.com/event.php?id=13547156

Photo Credit: David Edwards