The Jjohns 'Lucy' Single Review
100%Overall Score

Some tracks just sneak up on you, passively, and work their way into your musical memory like a slowly undulating ear-worm. And then, there are tracks like Lucy, which as polar opposite, kick in the door and demand priority access to your own personal musical archive. Lucy is loud, confident, immediate and irresistibly anthemic. It is the resulting acoustic splinter when an aspect of Liverpool musical heritage is accelerated, hadron collider-like, into the legacy of Oasis and a long forgotten, but equally ace Manchester band, Molly Half Head.

Lucy could act as a real benchmark song for The JJohns, and should attract easy airplay from the usual supporters of local music, and hopefully beyond. The production is appropriate and sonically crisp, faithfully capturing the song’s inherent power. Get this tune on your playlist, and believe me, it will stick around for some time. Check it out.

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Steve Kinrade