Jetta is back with her second track of 2020, I Wanna Know.

With a distinctive Liverpool musical pedigree behind her, the Liverpool Singer / Songwriter / Producer ushers in her latest track, I Wanna Know to her eager fanbase. And it’s one that doesn’t disappoint. Her vocal has a yearning warmth quality to it, which nicely jars with the stone coldness of the instrumentation and glacial production in general. The impression given to the listener is that sonically, absolutely nothing has been left to chance. 

Jetta: I Wanna Know Official Video

The promotional video dovetails artistically with the soundtrack, to such an extent that a thing of beauty is created. Taking inspiration of the sci-fi genre, we view Jetta as an Ex Machina automaton, seemingly trying to make sense of the reality she inhabits, possibly yearning for an individual humanity above a hive consensus. It works, and results in just under 4 minutes of a beautiful but uncomfortable glimpse of the possible dystopian reality that awaits us all. 

Jetta adds to her canon of work in impressive fashion with “I Wanna Know”. I predict you are going to hear this track absolutely everywhere this summer. It’s brilliant. 

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Steve Kinrade