Kicking off 2021 by demonstrating her refined writing abilities, Jessica Luise releases her bewitchingly soulful new single Nice Try.

It’s been a slow start to the new year, with the UK entering straight into a national lockdown. We’ve finally been given the opportunity to put 2020 behind us and move on with optimism, but not without a careful approach to how we lay our path to freedom first. Luckily, artists like Jessica Luise are releasing new music to help us sustain our sanity as we set ourselves up for a year of hope and confidence.

Jessica’s previous tracks have made a clear case for her musical persona as a solo artist with a knack for indie-folk music, dashing in a hint of dream pop influence for that layer of accessibility for new listeners. Her new single Nice Try is yet again another testament to her sound, but this time with heavier lean on the dream pop conventions that she seems to be so well attuned to.  

The expertly produced single draws heavy influence on Jessica’s personal experiences with the battle between heart and head, a message that lends itself well to the artist’s musical style. The shoegaze effect on the guitar that persists throughout the track allows for an amplification of this tender message, whilst adhering to a layer of tranquility that helps to polish off the edges of the songs production. As well as this, the decision to use an acoustic for the rhythm guitar assists in maintaining Jessica’s indie-folk roots, allowing for a musical experience that captures the perfect balance of both of her unique sounds.

The lyricism sits perfectly within the instrumental, reflecting the auditory journey that the intro seems to lend itself to; a journey of lust and confusion. The words “And where’s your favourite place to hide? ‘Cuz mine is inside your mind” have an attentive quality to them that is enhanced through a break in the instrumentation, allowing space for the meaning to strike a chord in the listener as the poetic nature gives way to emotional insight. Commenting on the songs release, Jessica noted that “This song is the one that helped me blossom as an artist. The simplicity yet rawness of the lyrics made this song quite cathartic to write and record.” This goes to show that even the simplest of dynamics can give way to some of the most evocative of messages. The track is a testament to this notion, playing off of the artists musical ability through effortless writing and production, allowing for a promising projection of what future tracks may soon come

It’s fair to say that Jessica Luise is still in the process of solidifying where she stands within the creative practices of music. Having only released four singles to date, the young artist is certainly laying a strong foundation of tranquil and emotive music that will soon take off, given that she fishes for listenership in the right places.

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Harry Breen