The iconic red gates of Strawberry Field will now be permanently open to the public alongside a visitor centre created by The Salvation Army that commemorates John Lennon’s link to Strawberry Field Liverpool.

It’s estimated that around 60,000 tourists visit the famous attraction each year and now finally they will be able to do more than just pose next to the red gates!

The former children’s home is a place which John Lennon reportedly called his ‘sanctuary’ and the opening of the land is in honour of his Liverpudlian youth.

According to the official Strawberry Field wesbite “Visitors can experience through archival footage, photographs and timelines and our specialist media guides the world where John Lennon played as a child and what happened behind the famous red gates.”

The new Strawberry Fields site includes:

The original iconic red gates that will return to the site for the first time since 2010.

An interactive visitor exhibition, ‘Strawberry Fields Nothing is Real’. There’s an interactive media guide, which takes you through the history of Strawberry Field from the 1860’s to present day. 

Strawberry Field Visitor Centre

A virtual Mellotron where you can recreate the famous opening chords from ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’.

A community cafe called Imagine More, stocked with local produce.

A calm garden space for spiritual reflection.

The site will be open every day and it’s free for visitors to see the original gates, explore the grounds and visit the cafe.

Within the grounds is the interactive ‘Strawberry Fields Nothing is Real’ visitor exhibition which costs £12.95 (£8.00 concessions).

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