There is no doubt these are truly unprecedented times we are living in. The coronavirus pandemic is affecting us all in some way and non-essential businesses throughout the country have shut their doors following government advice. But in these testing times, how can a local business protect their premises while in lockdown due to COVID-19?

Stage Security is a specialist UK security firm that serves a variety of security services to businesses throughout the country. They are currently working with several companies to maintain the security of their businesses during lockdown. In this article they will explain some of the best ways businesses can keep themselves secure during the crisis.

Ensure Your Alarm System Is Functioning

If you run a business, it is always imperative that you have an alarm system in place. If you do not, you should look to resolve this as soon as possible, especially during the current lockdown circumstances. Alarm systems are proven to be one of the finest security solutions you can install. They not only deter crime but also rush criminals into action, forcing them to vacate swiftly and reducing the impact of their criminal activity.

When reviewing your security procedures to cope with the COVID-19 lockdown, reviewing your alarm system should be priority. You should check that the alarm is functioning as intended and review the settings to determine when it activates and what happens as a result. Yourself or a designated employee should be alerted as soon as an alarm has been activated. Time is of the essence in becoming aware of an incident and taking appropriate steps to reduce the impact. 

 To bolster your security options, you may wish to recruit a security firm. For instance, one service that Stage Security now provides is alarm response. Stage are immediately alerted when an alarm has been activated and will send out a swift response team to investigate. This reduces risk to yourself so that trained professionals can deal with the situation while you remain informed from the safety of your home.

Do You Have CCTV and Security Lighting?

CCTV technology is highly efficient for deterring crime as well as creating evidence that can be used to prosecute criminals. As a business, you should take steps to install CCTV if this is not already in place. If CCTV is in use, make sure that the cameras are functioning correctly, are not being blocked by anything, and cover vulnerable areas of your premises. The captured footage should be monitored regularly, and modern technology allows this to be done remotely.

While criminals will be aware that most businesses are closed and void of personnel at present, good lighting can still be used to prevent your premises from being targeted. Using time-activated lighting can be an effective tool. If lighting switches on or increases when motion is detected, then this can also be powerful in preventing crime.

Review Your Access Procedures

You may have shut your doors for the unforeseeable future, but are you aware of who currently still has access to your business premises? Following lockdown you should review how the site can be accessed and by whom. You may wish to limit access to designated key personnel for the duration of the lockdown. In case of an active emergency, these designated keyholders can be alerted to attend the scene. To further protect your business and employees, many security firms offer a key holding service. This allows trained security experts to be able to gain entry as first responders to an alarm activation and gives you a peace of mind that a main key can be retrieved should you lose or misplace your own keys.

Keep Valuables out of Sight

It goes without saying that you should never leave anything important in sight when a business premises is unguarded. However, this is even more important in the current climate as there’s no indication when the lockdown will be lifted. You should aim to move anything of value to a secured site or a secured storage location. Items of value not only include products and money, but also sensitive data relating to your customers and employees. Consider any incoming mail you may receive and whether this should be forwarded to a monitored address. You can further deter criminals by putting up clear signage stating that important items have been removed and, if applicable, CCTV and mobile patrols are in use.

Feature Image: Lucy Taylor Photography