When people think of Liverpool, England, images of enthusiastic football fans, gorgeous architecture, and of course, The Beatles normally come to mind. Although this famous port city is commonly linked to all of these things, nowadays it’s becoming an attractive destination for another reason as well: gaming.

As the industry continues to be one of the 21st century’s most explosive and fast-growing businesses, especially in the U.K., Liverpool is responding with various activities, establishments, and opportunities that cater to the modern gamer. Here are some ways that you can enjoy gaming in its many forms while living in or traveling through the ‘Pool of Life’.

Virtual Reality Arcades Bring Immersive Experiences to Locals and Tourists

Virtual Reality technology is quickly making its way to many corners of the world and in Liverpool its no different. Thanks to high-quality headsets, entire universes are being brought to people’s very eyes, transforming the gaming experience into an immersive quest that stimulates every sense.

One of the best in the city is VR-Here which provides dozens of game titles and even a Virtual Reality bike simulator. However, there are many others as well and more being built. In fact, Liverpool FC has even teamed up with various VR providers to allow Reds fans access to Anfield Stadium without ever having to step through its doors. These virtual, VR-supported tours are transforming the way sports supporters interact with the teams they love.

Liverpool Gaming

Virtual Reality centres are becoming increasingly popular in Liverpool, especially with Millennials

Residents Have Access to Gaming and Betting Platforms in the Virtual World

Because the U.K. is one of several European locations which has allowed games such as poker to have a presence in the digital world, people who find themselves in Liverpool are allowed to take part in the strategic activity from their desktop computer or mobile phone.

These technological innovations have made these types of gaming platforms prevalent in the city and all around the country. Such providers like PokerStars have revamped their brand in an effort to call out like-minded individuals to join them on the gaming journey, further expanding their reach to key territories like the U.K. The campaign launched a variety of T.V. adverts which means the modern Liverpool resident is further connected to these gaming possibilities if they did not already know about them.

In addition to poker gameplay online, virtual betting is another widely popular activity in the city, especially because Liverpool is home to one of the world’s most successful football franchises. With such a distinct atmosphere surrounding the fandom, U.K. wagering platforms have seen exponential growth and continue to offer customers expert tips and odds which they can analyse 24/7 before big matches.

Board Game Cafes and Restaurants Mix Friendly Competition with Good Eats  

Is there anything better than satisfying your hunger or quenching your thirst while playing a competitive game of Monopoly? Board games like this are some of the most classic entertainment options out there, and Liverpool is well aware of their effect.

It’s hard to miss the board game cafes and restaurants that line the city streets, but here are some of the very best in and around Liverpool if you happen to accidentally leave them out of your itinerary.

Top Gaming Development Companies Call Liverpool Home

In addition to all of the above gaming opportunities, a number of top-rated gaming development businesses call Liverpool their home. One such example is Lucid Games, a video-game development company located just a short walk from the city centre. This independent studio is a driving force for creation of many of the games locals and those further afield love to engage with.

Having such passionate and talented playmakers so close to home is just another way Liverpool is becoming a major hub for the gaming industry and its future.