Liverpool based five-piece band Green Tangerines are due to release their debut EP Tangerines on June 1 and it’s the perfect listening companion to the summer months ahead! Green Tangerines are fast making their name in Liverpool, which they see as their adopted home. They describe their sound as a nod to ‘70s Jazz Fusion’ and this is clear to see from their latest musical offering.

Their new EP is a real treat from start to finish, full of quirky features and impressive technical playing. The mix of genres is clear throughout and they blend well to create a unique sound and it is also entirely self-produced!

Funk Detective is the first track on the EP and possibly my favourite (although it is hard to choose!). Straight away you can hear how technical these guys are in their playing. The song is fast paced and catchy and then slows to a more mellow, reflective section. It holds your attention throughout and the Saxophone solos in this tune are particularly ear catching, played with beautiful tone.

Interlude is the second track from ‘Tangerines’ and is a great addition to the EP. It begins with the Brass section, sounding as if they are coming through an old crackling radio of the wartime 1940s. Next comes a complete change in style with a solo funk inspired bass line and an announcement; “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Green Tangerines!” The bassline continues with support from the drums and leads perfectly into the third song Wired.

Wired is a more chilled out song with beautiful melodies between the Bass and the Brass section. The track is well balanced throughout and the solo sections really show off the amazing playing of each member of the group. I can picture this song being played in a smoky jazz club in the height of summer, cocktail in hand!

Disco is the last track on the EP and is a real fusion of funky guitar riffs, strong bass lines and punctuating brass lines. The texture changes throughout the track and really grabs your attention! I really love the middle section of this song; the Brass section takes the lead in this almost psychedelic phase of the track. The trumpet especially echoes throughout and is really effective.

I expect to hear great things from these guys in the future if this EP is anything to go by, it’s a great example of what these guys have to offer.

Listen to Green Tangerines: Tangerines EP

The release of their EP is also coinciding with the launch of their website as well as their new line of merchandise.

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Helen Maw

Feature Image Photo Credit: jjdbarrow