In 1675, King Charles II banned coffee shops because he thought it’s where people met to conspire against him…that’s right, NO coffee shops! How did people manage without their morning get-me-up? Fast-forward some 240 years later and this privilege is widely accessible (thank goodness), with coffee shops popping up left, right and centre here in Liverpool. Although it is sometimes difficult to find somewhere a little bit different without becoming pretentious, we know our Independent’s in Liverpool always hit the nail on the head. I for one am certainly the kind who would actually like to read in a coffee shop, not simply have a book for show, and I’ve finally found the place!

AU Golden Square CoffeeLocated on Wood Street off of Concert Square, there is little more than a neon Au sign to indicate you have arrived at Golden Square Coffee, but that’s all the invitation you will need. As you step foot inside the Berlin styled coffee house, every inch of décor gleams with purpose, from the Yamaha piano in the corner to the crisp, white walls. The beaming smiles from the guys who work there matches the mood of the surrounding vibe; impeccably styled with a “hot drink on a cold day” feel. Much like all the best Independent’s in Liverpool, this is a place that derives from passion, and it’s mechanical approach to making the perfect cup of coffee is a work of art.

Golden Square coffee liverpoolIts owners, Tim and Rob, met in Germany over the love for good coffee, and decided they wanted to bring over the best products to start their own coffee journey, and chose Liverpool as their destination. The guys work closely with the Munich based company Mahlefitz, which supplies some of the finest single coffee beans to coffee houses around Germany, however this is the first time their products have been available here in England. It’s delicious. Whilst the actual physics behind constructing a cup of coffee at Golden Square Coffee surpasses any engineering qualifications may or may not have, I can assure you, it’s impressive. The coffee may hold the spotlight here as expected, but don’t be fooled; there’s also food on offer including toasties and bagels, using local bagel producers The Bagelry – the avocado on toast with pink peppercorns is heavenly!

Golden Square Coffee may be young and new, but don’t let this deceive you – its without a doubt on the right track to matching the other great Independents in Liverpool! The mouth-watering coffee on offer is out of this world, and whilst it’s in my best interest to keep it a secret, that would be nothing less than selfish – seriously check it out, and allow yourself a whole day…trust me.

Golden Square Coffee
Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4AQ

Fran Collis