The new and brash punk duo known as Generation have released their angst fueled debut single Suicidal Champagne – a fast and enthralling punk number to get your heart pounding.

It seems that punk is making a comeback amongst the Liverpool scene. Artists are starting to latch onto an aggressive outlet that assists in accurately channeling the hostility they feel towards those in power whom have handled the fragility of the creative industry with such neglect in these dire times. This antagonism that is manifesting itself within rock music at the moment will continue to snowball as musicians are able to secrete this potent militancy into their music, empowering those who feel neglected.

Generation have accepted their calling as the creative voice for this belligerence. Brothers, James and Dean Carne have released their debut single Suicidal Champagne without warning, mirroring their explosive tendencies and amplifying their message of the relentlessly pessimistic sentiments of growing old. 

The track bridges the gap between the raw conventions of punk and the professional standards of the industry beautifully. Considering the fast-paced riffs on the guitar, accompanied by the admirably messy and loud grooves on the drums, Suicidal Champagne is still glued together with an exceptional production value that allows for a level of accessibility for those who tend not to dabble in such aggressive music. With bewitchingly raspy vocals, the track consists of a chant-like chorus that is worthy of a sweaty mosh pit. This impressive foundation for an aggressive yet captivating sound is wrapped up in an aesthetic of 90s angst, giving Generation the all-clear to infect the minds of the UK misfits.

We can be sure that this track is one of many that exist in their arsenal of naughty, loud and coarse testaments to an underlying resentment of both self and societal destruction. Generation are looking to ride the wave of aggression within the creative industry that will erupt once the year is over, and we at Liverpool Noise are confident that they’ll be figureheads of that wave within Liverpool.

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Harry Breen