Preserving Event Security: The Crucial Role of Lanyards and Photo ID

Events take place all over the world, of all types and sizes. Whether it be official conferences, festivals or networking events, it’s important that you consider security when hosting events. 

One essential tool that can enhance the security of your event is the use of lanyards and photo ID badges. Although they may seem like small additions, they play a crucial role in identifying guests and visitors as well as controlling access to the event. 

Read on to learn more about the crucial role of lanyards and photo IDs in preserving event security. 

Lanyards and Photo ID Allow Clear Identification

First and foremost, photo ID badges display visual identification. This allows event organisers and security personnel to distinguish between those who have authorisation to be at the event and those who do not – potential threats. 

Having attendees display a clear photograph of themselves along with relevant information such as their name, the company they’re from or affiliation can provide instant, easy means of verification. 

This, in turn, helps to prevent unauthorised individuals from gaining access to the event, or restricted areas within the event – enhancing the overall security of the event. 

Photo ID Cards Enhance Security

Lanyards are much more than just a convenient way to hold your identification – they play a critical role in controlling access to different areas within an event venue.

By implementing a colour-coded or labelled system, lanyards can be used to easily distinguish between different categories of attendees. For example, you can differentiate between event staff, VIPs, general participants and intruders. 

Pre-printed lanyards can be a great way to implement a colour-coding system for event lanyards. You can find pre-printed lanyards that say ‘staff’, ‘visitor’, ‘guest’, and many more.

Colour-coded or personalised lanyards can make it clear to security guards who is who, which enables them to quickly identify who should have access to certain areas. 

For example, security personnel can easily identify members of staff responsible for the event, or VIPs who require special access. This can help to maintain a secure environment and reduce the risk of unauthorised access.

Lanyards and Photo ID Cards Streamline Security Procedures

Lanyards and Photo IDs are a great way to streamline your security process at events. As guests enter the event, security personnel can quickly and easily check and verify their identity by inspecting their photo ID. This can reduce waiting times and ensure a steady flow of guests into the event.

Lanyards and ID Cards Act as Deterrents

One of the key benefits of lanyards and photo ID cards is that they can act as a deterrent to those attempting to gain access to an event without permission or authorisation. 

Having a clear lanyard/ ID system in place signals to potential intruders that there are security measures in place, in turn, discouraging potential intruders. 

Lanyards can also provide a sense of belonging among attendees – guests can feel a sense of pride at events wearing a branded lanyard. Likewise, it can help to encourage a positive atmosphere and a safer environment. 

Lanyards are Essential in Emergencies

Likewise, ID cards can quickly aid a swift response in the event of an emergency or incident. Staff and emergency responders can wear lanyards which makes them much easier to identify in an emergency. This also means they can be deployed quickly and assist those who need support. 

What About The Future of Event Security?

Lanyards and photo ID cards are effective security measures, but what does the future of event security look like? Technology is forever advancing, which means the future of event security may look completely different in a couple of year’s time. 

Wearable technology such as smart wristbands and RFID-cards/ badges are quickly growing in popularity. These offer more advanced security features such as contactless access control, integrated payment systems and real-time tracking, improving overall security measures at events.  

The more technology evolves, the more event organisers will be able to improve and preserve event security. Lanyards and photo ID badges are a great way to preserve event security, especially when partnered with new technologies. 


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