Esme Bridie is back at it again, after wonderful reviews from her debut album, ‘Today It Rains’, she has harnessed all that energy and threw it back into her charmful songwriting style for some new music!

With a couple of singles on the release horizon, it’s an exciting time to be a fan of this young Merseyside talent. If this is the first time you’re hearing her name, make sure to see her and her band live for the full effect. However, your second best option is to invest a little bit of time, brew a tea, sit back in your favourite corner of the couch and enjoy the wandering lyrics that tell beautiful stories over her fingerpicked guitar.

Heading out to Leeds to finish her studies in Popular Music back in 2018, it was seemingly her childhood love of poems that paved the path to this strain of dreamy folk, eventually aiming her back home to Liverpool to persue and nurture her songwriting further after collaborating with Klee Music for her first album.

Kicking off proceedings with the first single to be released on 20 March, ‘Say The Words’, where one could briefly be mistaken to be transported to a world of Cuban folk music. A delicate picked guitar intro, laying the foundation for an electric guitar hook that could have came from a Santana cutting room floor, Esme’s voice tugs the song along with her emotive manner of singing and almost reciting at the same time. At 3 minutes it’s not too much, it doesn’t need a guitar solo or any distractions. The words and message are enough in that short time to make an impact!

So, simply put, allow yourself to be lost in her words and music. You can keep tabs on Esme Bridie on Facebook. Listen Esme Bridie on Spotify.

‘Say The Words’ will be available on all streaming platforms from 20 March.

Esme is one of our Liverpool Artists You Should Be Listening To in 2020.

Michael Fell