The Power of Editing: Tips And Tricks For Polishing Your Essays To Perfection

The stage of editing is one of the most crucial stages that students often avoid. Make sure to make this mistake and complete the stage of proofreading and polishing your essay. By reading our article, you will learn how to make editing effective and reduce errors as a pro.

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Follow the instructions of a teacher

Each essay usually comes together with manuals from a teacher that contain instructions, providing such core specifications of a forthcoming paper as the deadline, the type of formatting, structure, topic, suggested references, etc. It means that when you start editing your essay, the first thing to do is to take the manuals you took from a teacher and go through them to ensure that you put all the necessary information into your paper and didn’t forget anything mentioned in the requirements. If you will miss something, it means that you may score lower grades.

Check the structure

One of the crucial stages of editing any paper is arranging your text logically and making it readable. The easiest and most effective way to make the text well-arranged is to follow a specific structure. An essay structure must include at least three core elements: an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. Arrange all these sections properly. For example, for the main body, one should include at least three different paragraphs in an essay, dividing them with specific formatting elements. When you are checking and polishing your paper, note that structure means not only the logical arrangement of the text. Also, you can switch some parts of the text and replace sentences to make the text more engaging. For example, you can put one of the hooks you initially placed in the body to the introduction to catch the attention of readers.

Keep an eye on spellcheckers

Do not rely on spellcheck blindly. If you want to edit an essay to perfection, know that even if you use a paid version of the best online spellchecking tool, it could mess up some or change their meaning. For example, you can type the word ‘form’ and misspell it as the word ‘from.’ But for a spellchecker, this word will seem the same, and you will not change it according to the context of your paper. So even if you are using an online spellchecking tool that can reduce some grammar and punctuation mistakes and repeated words, re-read your paper after it was polished by the tool.

Avoid long sentences 

This step is one of those that students think is optional to follow, but in fact, using long sentences and vast paragraphs can make your paper boring, even if the topic you chose is exciting. Read your paper from the beginning to the end and try to divide long sentences and exceptionally long paragraphs into shorter pieces. It will add some air and lightness, even to a complicated subject. Moreover, your paper will become much more readable and interesting to an audience.

Reach out to professionals

Cooperation with professional essay services will let you reduce the level of stress and get a perfectly edited paper in a heartbeat. Students often reach out to writing services that help them with writing essays on various topics and disciplines. Also, one can turn to a writing service to get the perfect editing assistance. A skilled author will gladly proofread your paper and reduce all possible mistakes. Reaching out to a professional writing service and asking to edit your essay is a very effective way to reduce errors, both punctuational and grammar, as well as get well-paraphrased sentences. Letting a real person read your essay is better than delegating this task to artificial intelligence because some online editing tools can skip vital parts of the text and do not consider typos as mistakes.

Spot typos

A written text overloaded with typos can ruin an impression it could make on the audience and especially on a teacher. Usually, teachers pay lots of attention to mistypes made by students and lower their grades. Because being inattentive is considered by teachers as being not interested in learning a discipline and a subject. So, when reading your essay from the beginning to the end, look at typos and spot them. One of the tips that help spot and reduce typos is not to read your essay in the digital format shown on your laptop. The best way to see all the typos is by printing your paper and reading it as a paper book. Take a pen or a pencil, underline all typos you can find in the text, and then take them away in the digital version of an essay.

Let someone read your text

One of the easiest ways to reduce typos and get a fresh eye look at your essay is to ask a friend, classmate, roommate, or family member to read your essay and help you reduce mistakes and improve style. Students often spend many hours writing and polishing the content of an essay, structuring and formatting it. So when it comes to editing, they often feel exhausted. Asking someone not involved in creating this paper to polish it and find the mistakes will be much more effective and bring the best result.

Ensure to arrange consistent formatting

Formatting style matters a lot when it comes to an essay. Teachers usually ask students to write college essays in such formats as Chicago, APA, MLA, etc. The appearance of your essay is defined by how you follow the requirements of a specific formatting style. Refrain from the formatting style when you create a paper. Neglecting formatting style means using correct fonts, ensuring that each paragraph has a certain spacing, etc. If you format your essay correctly, it will look well-written and professional. A teacher will usually appreciate it.

We hope these recommendations and tips for polishing an essay were useful and you enjoyed reading our text. By applying our pieces of advice, you will make your essays perfect and improve your writing performance. We wish you good luck!


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