Deliah’s New Single, ‘Achromatic’, Boasts Raw Emotion and Exposes Mental Health in the Creative Industries
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Female-fronted four-piece, Deliah, have been traversing the music scene a few years now, bringing a fresh sound through their mix of soul and electronica. It is precisely the band’s creativity and willingness to experiment that set them apart from many others within the genre – every song is written with meaningful lyrics and composed with a powerful finesse that brings vocals and instrumentals seamlessly together.

This is no different with the band’s newest single, ‘Achromatic’, which explores mental illness without shame, helping to widen the breadth of a conversation that is becoming ever more relevant and present – yet still somewhat hushed – in today’s world. Forming part of a concept trilogy titled The Mind’s Eye, ‘Achromatic’ is the first installment to lift the curtain on the often neglected lives of artists when they’re not centre stage; that of crippling anxiety, self-doubt, and depression.

The single has been cleverly written from the outset, with the word ‘achromatic’ meaning ‘without colour’; a symbolic reference to the struggles of living with a mental illness, especially when working within the creative industries. Deliah impeccably entwine soft vocals and gritty beats to create a melody that is truly bittersweet, as singer Michelle Harris repeats the lyrics “I rest on the edge of the spectrum, somewhere between grey, black and white” with ever-increasing intensity. Keen to dispel any romanticism of mental health, the band’s lyrics present a raw emotion that is both compassionate yet vulnerable.

The band have already released an accompanying video for the new single, which is an honest reflection of the song, displaying an emboldened symbol of creative expression in turmoil under the pressures of mental illness. The video centres on a ‘colour-blind’ painter who creates a wonderful masterpiece, but endures many struggles along the way, fighting their critical inner voice.

If this first single is anything to go by, The Mind’s Eye will be a pure triumph for the band and awaken a new crowd of adoring fans who will follow the band on their journey and be sure to relate to the message.

You can watch Deliah play Manchester’s Dot To Dot Festival at the end of this month on Friday 25th May. Keep up to date with future gigs and go behind-the-scenes by following the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can listen to all of their tracks through Soundcloud and Spotify.

Tilly Martin