Debut Single by New Kids on the Block, Skinner’s Lane, is a Triumphant Indie Opener
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Liverpool’s given us many great musicians over the years, from The Beatles and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, to newer bands such as The Wombats and The Zutons. Like many bands that have gone before them, new-kids-on-the-block, Skinner’s Lane, don’t originally hail from the city; rather the city brought them together. The three-piece – comprising Zak Langford-Do, Rob Holland, and James Kerr – have roots beyond the city, but if their debut single is anything to show, they’re likely to cement their feet firmly in the Liverpool music scene.

The band started picking up steam towards the end of last year playing shows and dropping their debut single, ‘Dear Brighton’, in December. The opening rumble of guitar and drums is reminiscent of indie gods Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand, whilst vocalist Zak’s singing gives a nod to classic punk pop tracks of the late ‘90s and early ‘00s.

The track is an impressive entrance into the indie pop scene, giving a glimpse of the talented breadth the boys are capable of. There’s little doubt that the tracks to follow will further showcase the band’s musical capabilities and continue to mix energetic synths, indie melodies, and heavier riffs, all while producing dance-friendly choruses.

The band have already been applauded for their lively gig performances, so once more tracks roll out we’re sure the band will jump from strength to strength and cause quite a riot on the stage.

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Tilly Martin