Cures and Curses is the solo project of 22 year old South London native, Aaron Akpojaro, founded in Liverpool in 2017. This month sees the release of his third single, Owe You Nothing.

Having not heard of Cures and Curses before, I visited his previous two singles, No Fun and Fall Apart, Crash Together, and if you haven’t already, I recommend blasting out these two tracks in anticipation of his new release. With each single we are introduced to different elements of Cures and Curses’ sound, culminating in a strongly defined genre of alt-pop and rock that I can’t wait to hear more of. 

This self recorded and produced third single is accompanied by a video (also self produced) that clearly demonstrates the intended aesthetic of this project. Described as ‘glitchy alt pop’, the video has glitched out imagery with harsh, bright colours. The song is a powerful, post-breakup anthem that, in the words of Akpojaro, ‘deals with loss but it’s about empowering yourself in the wake of that’. The lyrics are clever, written as though as part of a rap or spoken word poem for the verses, but the chorus demands to be played and sung loud and proud, air grabs and all. The newer sounds of pop-punk bands such as Youmeatsix certainly come to mind. 

Cures and Curses: Owe You Nothing (Official Video)

As someone who grew up loving and listening to rock music and later finding a love of dance music, I think that Cures and Curses meld the two together perfectly. 

Listen to Owe You Nothing on Spotify. 

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Rach Hankin