Crazy Pedro’s Liverpool and The Beatles Story have joined forces to support The Salvation Army to help raise funds for the iconic Strawberry Field site, which inspired The Beatles’ hit song “Strawberry Fields Forever”.

To help the cause, Pedro’s August special pizza, “Sgt. Pepperoni’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, pays tribute to The Fab Four. Pedro’s will donate 50p of every August special pizza purchased to the Strawberry Field Regeneration Fund in Liverpool – because we all know it’s easy to get by with a little help from our friends.

Strawberry Field, formerly The Salvation Army Children’s home near where John Lennon grew up, is to be revived under a new redevelopment project. The scheme is set to re-open Strawberry Field and return the iconic red gates to the public, giving visitors the chance to walk through the grounds where John Lennon played as a child. The original world-famous red gates are currently on display at The Beatles Story, to help raise funds and awareness of the project to its visitors. These gates will return to the iconic site once building work has been completed.

The ground breaking venture will tell the story of Lennon’s childhood connection with Strawberry Field and sit alongside ‘Steps to Work’, a vocational training and work placement hub for young people with learning disabilities, seeing unique and innovative projects come together to unite community, business and tourism in the City of Liverpool.

The Sgt. Pepperoni’s Lonely Hearts Club Band pizza is one for the meat lovers, with four types of pepperoni representing each member of the Beatles – Pepperoni-Salame, Pepperoni-Madeo chilli, Napoli Salami Picante & Napoli Pepperoni Picante. 

Not just a tasty treat, the pizza will also aid an incredible cause, assisting The Salvation Army and The Beatles Story to ensure that a key piece of the band’s history and nation’s heritage remain intact.

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