Liverpool has so much amazing food on offer, you’d be hard pushed to not find your favourite meal somewhere across the city. Yet one thing that we’ve been craving ever since taking a trip to the USA’s Windy City is Chicago Deep Dish Pizza – well now our prayers have been answered. You can finally get Chicago Deep Dish Pizza In Liverpool.

Everyone’s favourite pizzeria, American Pizza Slice, has been teasing some new menu additions for a while now and thankfully they have come to the city’s rescue with their mouth-watering deep dish pizzas.

The famous Chicgao Deep Dish pizza, often referred to as a ‘pizza pie’ is created by inverting the layers of meat and tomato and inbetween is some truely drooly-worthy cheese.

But, American Pizza Slice aren’t stopping there as they’ve also introduced Detroit style pizza too! The Detriot pan pizza has a thick crust, a famous caramelised cheese edge and tomato sauce layered on top, cut into square.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza In Liverpool American Pizza Slice

The Chicago and Detriot pizzas will be available exclusively for 1 week at the Bold Street store. After this they will be rolled out to their other stores.

You can grab mini Chicago Deep Dish pizzas if you’re looking for something quick or you can bit back in one of the venues and enjoy a big one with a beer or two, which take 40 minutes to cook.

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So, now we’ve finally got Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in Liverpool what other food are we missing out on? Let us know in the comments below.