When you’re out on the town for a few drinks, and fancy something different than your typical Carlsberg and Strongbows, then BrewDog Bar is the perfect place for you to quench your thirst with a variety of specialist drinks.

Brewdog Bar LiverpoolBrewDog, which can be found on Colquitt Street, down the road from the heart of Liverpool’s nightlife. One thing BrewDog can guarantee you is a vibrant, buzzing atmosphere. As soon as you make your way into BrewDog you are treated to the pleasant buzz of laughter and hubbub of chatter from all round.

It may only have opened in November, but BrewDog has attracted quite the following. Maybe it’s the vintage arcade games that can found inside, or the board games on offer in a corner of the bar, or else it could be the extensive menu; jam-packed with speciality drinks – and served by staff with an intricate knowledge of each and every drink on offer.

I also managed to speak to the General Manager of BrewDog Liverpool, Phil Sheldrake, during my visit to the bar, and he outlined some more details about BrewDog.

“BrewDog offers solely specialty drinks to their customers,” said Phil, “we currently have 16 branches across the country.”

“One of our biggest draws is the training that our staff go through, prior to working for us. They have to know their drinks, and attend a Cicerone course in order to do so.”

Brewdog Liverpool Interior

With such a unique atmosphere, I asked Phil what the Bar’s target market was:

“Well, of course we welcome anybody!” Laughs Phil, “But one of our priorities is to make women feel comfortable whilst they are here. We also tend to have students during the day – and offer discounts to students.”

Brewdog Liverpool DrinksBrewDog has very little external advertising, instead preferring to work with their own PR Department, as well as working alongside other businesses (including FACT,) in order to keep the establishment unique, and maintain links between other businesses in the city.

On the subject of BrewDog’s most popular drinks, Phil said:

“Absolutely hands down – The Punk IPA is our most popular drink!”

The Punk IPA (India Pale Ale) is 5.4%, and costs £4.55 for a pint. As well as their plethora of speciality, drinks, though, BrewDog also offer food to their customers; meaning you could even use your drinks to wash down a burger and chips, if you’re feeling peckish.

BrewDog Bar is open from midday to midnight – every day. For More info visit their Facebook Page

Brewdog; Colquitt Street, L1 4DE

Callum Pritchard