The guys behind Bold Street Coffee have announced they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise vital funds so that they can re-open in their beloved coffee shop.

They will be looking to their loyal supporters to raise £30,000 of the £75k they will need to get back into action on Bold Street.

Bold Street Coffee was more than a coffee shop: it fuelled Bold Street’s growing independent community for nearly a decade. When they had to leave their home on 89 Bold Street it was bad news for customers, staff, and the street they love. But, in a brilliant twist of fate they’ve found a way to reopen in the original site…
Launching on 28th May is a Kickstarter campaign looking to raise £30,000. This will get them back into 89 and keep the beat of BSC thriving throughout Liverpool. The Kickstarter will last for 30 days and there will be amazing rewards in return for any donations, ranging from some of their great merchandise to barista lessons with Big T.

Whilst this Kickstarter campaign is going, Liverpool’s coffee aficionados will still be able to get their BSC kicks as the pop-up continues in Santa Maluco. Local friends over at Graffiti Spirits Group have been an amazing support for BSC, from hosting them in Santa Maluco to helping them get the lease back. There’s a real sense of community in Liverpool food scene at the moment, and once the money is raised, Liverpool can look forward to a brand spanking new Bold Street Coffee experience.

Bold Street Coffee