One of favourite Bold Street eating spots, Pieminister are going to be serving up a very special pie this Black Friday.

If you’re already fed up with hearing about Black Friday then fear not, because we’re actually talking about Black Pie Day! Pieminister first renamed Black Friday in November 2015 to raise funds for Shelter and this year they’ve taken things one step further, baking their pies in a black charcoal-pastry.

These Black Pie Day pies will be available at lunchtime on Friday 23 November in Pieminister Liverpool and every penny will go direct to the housing and homelessness charity.

A refreshing alternative to the usual Black Friday spending-frenzy, Pieminister’s Black Pie Day is an opportunity to spend wisely, giving to a good cause in return for delicious pies.

Pieminister’s vegan pie Kevin (a mushroom, tomato and red wine pie) and Moo (a British beef steak and Gem Ale pie) are the two pies that have been revamped for the day.  Both pies will be on the menu from 12 noon for £5 each, every penny of which will go direct to Shelter to help people who are struggling with bad housing or homelessness.

And for all you Christmas lovers out there Pieminister’s Christmas menu is available now too. They’ve also created something really special in time for Christmas, and it’s 100% plant-based.  The aptly-named Deep & Crisp & Vegan is a creamy vegan ‘turkey’ pie with celeriac, smoked garlic and sherry.

Be sure to pop in to Pieminister on Friday to experience the awesomeness.