The polo shirt is quite controversial. Some see it as something only baby-boomers and preppy college students wear; others swear by them and have an entire rainbow of colours in their closets. 

But recently, this classic t-shirt has made a comeback and became more inclusive. It’s actually the perfect smart-casual go-to whether you’re on a yacht or just grabbing your Sunday coffee.

That’s why, if you still don’t have one, it’s time to do something about it. And no, you don’t need to plan a trip to the mall or a department store. You can find some great brands for all budgets online. 

Here are the best online websites to buy polo shirts. 

How to choose the best Polo shirt 

But before we dive into the favourite’s list, we wanted to talk a little bit about choosing your polos because only the right ones will make you look and feel great. 

The first thing to remember is the fit – you want to aim for the perfect middle, fitting, but not too tight and under no circumstances too bagy (toss those free promotional tees you get at car salons). 

The shoulder seams should sit at the point where the arm meets the torso, and the collar should be comfortable when fastened up to the last button. When it comes to the length, the hem should sit just above the hips.

Another important piece is the fabric. The most common are cotton and knitted Polos and if you’re opting for cotton – go for stretchy, soft versions. The knitted tees should also be soft and of a very fine gauge.

The best online shops for Polo shirts

Polo Ralph Lauren

Let’s start with the king of Polo tees – Ralph Lauren. His brand is legendary and offers classic, preppy style clothes that are super comfortable and laid back. 

You can find great Polo tees on their website in a variety of colours, from traditional whites, blacks and navy to Polos with graphics or in such colours as forest green or chilli. There are over 40 shades! The tees are not cheap, but having at least one or two will really improve your style game! 

Fred Perry 

If you’re looking for something less traditional and more rebellious, you’re going to love the British heritage brand, Fred Perry. Known for its support of subcultures, this company that started as a tennis clothing producer has become a counter-culture icon. 

They offer a variety of short and long-sleeved polo’ in their online store in different styles, designs and fabrics. 


Rhone is a giant in the t-shirt and activewear world, and Polos are no exception; they’re sportswear, after all. 

Their Polo tees are super comfortable, stretchy and if you have some guns to show off, they’re a perfect choice. 

These tees are also moisture-wicking and made using anti-odour technology. Check out their online shop for some unique colours and short and long sleeve styles.


We love bohooMAN as it’s a great online destination for a massive choice of super affordable polos. Whether you’re looking for long sleeves, short sleeves, classic or more unique colours, they’ve got you covered. 

Combining cutting edge design with affordable prices (we’re talking $10-20 affordable!), this brand is excellent for wardrobe building without breaking the bank. 

Fresh Clean Tees 

Everyone’s favourite t-shirt subscription service has Polo tees too, and they’re excellent! They’re just as comfortable as your regular t-shirts and come in classic, versatile colours. 

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, Fresh Clean Tees is one of the best choices for high-quality yet affordable t-shirts. You can shop for the best men’s polo shirts by Fresh Clean Tees here.


We love Uniqlo. Period. It ticks the boxes of high-end materials, luxurious feel and affordability. And they have great Polo’s to choose from in their online store. 

Uniqlo has you covered when you’re looking for a classic, comfortable and high-quality Polo, and you can opt for the comfortable pique cotton, fine and soft merino wool and their trademarked quick-drying Airism fabric.


When you think of Polo tees, you probably think of the French brand Lacoste and their iconic crocodile logo. Associated with the leisurely days in the French Riviera, these Polos are a definite must-have. 

Head to their online store to browse all the great colour choices; we’re sure you’re going to find at least a few you like. 

Club Monaco 

Lastly, for those looking for vintage-inspired, luxury Polos, head to Club Monaco’s online shop. You’ll always be pleasantly surprised! 

Their tees have a unique twist with that modern yet timeless feel.

Pair one of these with preppy khakis, leather sneakers and a sports coat and you’ve got your early fall uniform right there!