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The 7 Best Fried Chicken Places In Liverpool

Craving some juicy, crispy fried chicken in Liverpool? You’re in luck! Liverpool’s food scene boasts a clucking good selection of restaurants serving up this golden-fried comfort food. Whether you’re looking for classic Southern-style, Nashville hot, or Korean-inspired flavours, we’ve got you covered. Dive into our guide to discover the best fried chicken places in Liverpool, sure to satisfy your cravings.


Best Fried Chicken Places in Liverpool - Pattersons

Marinated in their own secret recipe, Pattersons can give KFC a run for their money. The chicken is served by uncooked weight, from 250g to 1kg, so you just need to choose how much you think you can handle and decide on those all essential sides like gravy, slaw, onions rings and sauces including katsu and Jerk BBQ. There’s also plenty of burgers and loaded fries on the menu!


Best Fried Chicken Places in Liverpool - Beak

With their slogan “Tell Ya Ma To Get The Beak In” on’t be fooled into thinking that Beak is a gimmick. Beak has become one of the best fried chicken places in Liverpool. Their original Crosby restaurant has proved to be so popular that they have branched out to South Liverpool, with a restaurant just off Smithdown Road. Their menu is simple but effective – chicken burgers, sliders, wings and their halloumi fries are all incredible. A must for any fried chicken enthusiast.

Free State Kitchen

The 7 Best Fried Chicken Places In Liverpool 7

The Buffalo Fried Chicken Burger from Free State Kitchen earns the American East Coast inspired restaurant a place on the best fried chicken places in Liverpool list, even if it’s the only fried chicken item on their menu. The hot sauce mayo makes for the perfect accompaniment to this succulent chicken burger!

The Nashville Cluck

Best fried chicken places in Liverpool - The Nashville Cluck

The Nashville Cluck is a bit of a hidden gem. It used to be exclusively on Uber Eats but you can now head down to their kitchen on Myrtle Street and order directly from them to grab your takeaway. The Nashville Cluck team are seriously passionate about their food. The owners took a trip over to the USA before opening their kitchen so that they could bring the authentic taste of Nashville to Liverpool. With quite simply incredible chicken sandwiches, burgers and tenders this is definitely one of the best fried chicken places in Liverpool.

Slim Chickens

Best Fried Chicken Places in Liverpool - Slim Chickens

Slim Chickens at Liverpool ONE started with a mission to bring a dose of southern hospitality to a fast, casual setting and they offer fresh cooked to order chicken tenders, wings, burgers, fries and 17 different house sauces to try too!

Red Dog Saloon

Best Fried Chicken Places in Liverpool - Red Dog Saloon

Expect an all-out American style BBQ affair from Red Dog Saloon. There’s plenty of Southern fried chicken options on the menu like the Nashville Fried Chicken sandwich and the Nashville Hot Chicken pieces, tenders and wings!

Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen

Best Fried Chicken Places in Liverpool - Popeyes

American fried chicken restaurant Popeyes® offers UK diners the iconic Popeyes® Chicken Sandwich which contains the brand’s 12-hour marinated chicken, and original Southern biscuits and gravy.

*** Bonus Fried Chicken Places In Liverpool ***

Chop Chop

Best Fried Chicken Places in Liverpool - Chop Chop

Serving authentic Korean food, Chop Chop on Fenwick Street has built itself a legendary status which earned them a pop up at the Baltic Market. Their fried chicken is certainly up there with the best in the city.


The 7 Best Fried Chicken Places In Liverpool 5

Well, we couldn’t NOT include Nabzy’s could we? Yes, it might just be a takeaway but if you’re looking for a quick fried chicken win then you can’t go wrong with Nabzy’s. It’s the self professed, post-pub takeaway. The red salt sprinkled all over their chips is iconic.


6 New Liverpool Restaurants To Get Excited About 7

Filipino fast food chain Jollibee offer their own unique take on a fried chicken restaurant with a menu described as a joyous mashup of Western comfort food with a Southeast Asian twist.

Have we missed your favourite place off our Best Fried Chicken Places in Liverpool guide? Let us know in the comments below.


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