Sometimes when you listen to a track, it can take a few listens to explore meaning and place. In the case of Bang, Little Triggers latest single, this could not be further from the case.

From the moment that the track ignited, your imagination is sent on a wild goose chase. Charging guitars and a relentless drumbeat join forces to provide this intensity and adventure. In my case, I was sent on a late night car chase of which, this number is fitting as the soundtrack. The deviations in tempo and explosiveness throughout combined with a roaring chorus intertwined set this ferocious scene. The technical ability strutted throughout by the outfit is terrific and extremely impressive. The instruments and vocals give life to the single and ensure that they leave a lasting impression.

I want to call the track a throwback to out and out, in your face rock music. However, I don’t want this thought to get lost in translation. To label new art as a throwback can be seen constructively yet sometimes sends a mixed signal. Little Triggers are clearly influenced by rock music of days gone by, yet they have no interest in rewiring past work. 

The local four-piece have their own modern style which is accentuated by lead singer Thomas Hamilton’s distinctive voice and sound. The track has a pulsating sound on record and you can only imagine this is magnified further in a live setting. Let’s strap ourselves in and take a walk on the wild side.

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Jamie Hankin