Forever in Debt pound the music scene with their tumultuous rock.

Shaking up the Liverpool music scene, Forever in Debt bring a tough edge and raise a middle finger to what has really been a grim year, with their motto ‘for losers, by losers’. Their debut EP is a vicious mix of guitar riffs, screamo and panging drums.

The intro track, ‘Boyfriend’, is a riot of noise, sandwiched between a terrifically catchy riff that’ll have you clicking along and jumping around when the band play live.

Next up, ‘Chewing Bees’ juxtaposes breathy vocals with anger-fuelled roars. Uncompromising on sound, this is a song best played at full volume, preferably after a bad day.

Third track of the EP, ‘Billy’, reins things in a bit, tuning down a notch to make way for the singer’s lyrics amid a stomping bass and impressive guitar solo. This is the track that cements all three members in the rock scene, showcasing their individual talents.

Closer, ‘Go Home’, wraps up the album with all the same venom. Perhaps the catchiest of all four tracks, this one is sure to be a success live. Winding down, the track sounds like the band have pounded out all their energy, ready to conquer new singles on the horizon.

The band have a limited number of special pink cassettes of their debut EP, with a couple of extra B-side tracks and some goodies thrown into the mix – head over to their Bandcamp to get yours before they all sell out.

Have a listen to the full EP on Bandcamp, and follow the guys over on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with upcoming live events.

Tilly Martin