Liverpool’s international theatre troupe, Teatro Pomodoro, are returning to the city with a new show this April, entitled ‘Sirens, Men and Crabs: A Shipwrecked Odyssey.’

Debuting at the Unity Theatre from April 23rd to 25th, this brand new show will turn Ancient Greece upside down in a surreal clown odyssey. The show welcomes audiences to a world where the Sirens are the unsung heroines, Ulysses will never be the hero he wants to be, and Giant Crabs are taking over.

Having been developed with the artistic input of Petra Massey (Spymonkey), Damien Warren-Smith (Garry Starr) and Ben Phillips, and supported using public funding by Arts Council England, this farce is sure to keep its audience on their toes. Teatro Pomodoro will take you on a bizarre and hilarious journey of Greek epics that will leave Mount Olympus in ruins.

Watch the trailor below.

“Varying from the political, to the personal, to the perverse, we are subjected to an assembly line of burning hot topics […] but it is always joyous and fabulously tongue in cheek” – Broadway Baby

The group itself is based in Merseyside and made up of performers from across the globe, with Carmen Arquelladas (Spain), Duncan Cameron (Canada), Miwa Nagai (Japan), Simone Tani (Italy) and our very own Huyton-born, Leebo Luby.

Teatro Pomodoro is dedicated to create cutting edge theatre that explores how the anarchic qualities of clown and bouffon, and the relationship between the performer and audience can create a unique theatrical experience.

‘Sirens, Men and Crabs: A Shipwrecked Odyssey.’ runs from April 23rd – 25th at the Unity Theatre in Liverpool. Tickets are available from the Unity’s website at

Main Image Photo Credit: AB Photography