Almost Famous has been working hard behind the scenes, spending spending 6 months developing the best ever, juiciest, beefiest, most wow burger patties ever and they are ready for their big launch.

By partnering with Aubrey Allen as their butcher they believe they have created the best burger ever; it’s the best quality beef and a next level production method that ensures it has the most tender, fall apart mouth feel.

Beau Myers said: “Lockdown hit us all in different ways – home baking / brewing /  candle stick making – having time away and a shock to the system (the fear of  losing everything) I had an awakening, a reminder of what’s really important so  the decision was made to not take on any new openings or expansion and instead  to focus on what Famous is all about…. Making burgers better and juicier and mind  blowing for everyone – so we developed Famous At Home – we partnered with Aubrey  Allen- literally the best butcher in the country- (they deliver to Buckingham palace ffs) –  we developed a patty that was so famous so wow so deliciously tender and unctuous and  juicy – and we put it in a box with all the cute and cheeky little bits to make a famous at  home.  

Almost Famous Juicy Double Burger

The Juicy Double Burger

NOW, we’ve finally been able to put this new patty in the restaurants – it’s cost us  almost double but it really is the best, Aubrey Allen beef is placed in the top 1% in  the world. At a time when provenance, ethics and sustainability is more  important than ever we are able to secure this partnership and do what we know  is best and right for Almost Famous. Aubrey Allen beef is bred in a clean, green  and ethical way on pastures for flavour. Selected from native suckler beef breeds  such as Angus, Hereford and Devon Reds. Matured for a minimum of 21 days to  enhance the texture and develop the flavour. When you combine this quality with  our dreamy sauces and wondertricks it really is the stuff of burger fantasies.”

Almost Famous will be celebrating their new patties in style with 50% OFF on all burgers all day this Wednesday 24 November.  

They have 2 new burgers to showcase the juicy delciousness: The Juicy Double which is their most stripped back burger ever– it’s just the ultimate dreamy double cheeseburger – double burger, double cheese, double sauce AND Blame It On The Whiskey inspired by a recent hangover craving, its dripping with chipotle hot honey, pepperoni, bacon bacon mayo and crunchy wonderdusted waffle fries. 

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