Tucked away in Chavasse Park, Aether is a stylish leafy paradise. Aether has a beautifully curated cocktail menu that takes inspiration from the elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. We were invited to try their new summer cocktail menu and sample some of the dishes from Yu Donut.

On arrival, we were greeted and seated in a plush booth, given a menu and some nibbles. Aether don’t just do salted peanuts, but a selection of olives, goat’s cheese popcorn, processco flavoured popcorn, and firey Thai crackers. My favourite was the goats cheese popcorn but the mini crackers did go down a treat!

Drinks connoisseur Mike talked us through the summer menu, starting with Aether’s selection of seasonal spiritz!

Aether Bar Liverpool

We started off with a Pink Fizz and a twist on a classic, Aperol Spritz. The Pink Fizz is made with Lanique, a sweet liqueur made distilled rose petals, agave, pink grapefruit, prosecco and fizz. Every cocktail in Aether has something special and unique about it. It may take a bit longer to make than other places to make but it’s worth it when you can taste the subtle hints and flavours with every sip. The Pink Fizz is perfect if you like a sweet cocktail that isn’t too overpowering but still packs a punch.

The Aperol Spritz was refreshing and light, made with Tanqueray gin, champagne syrup, soda and, of course, Aperol. It’s ideal for a sunny day, sitting out on Aether’s terrace area and forgetting about your responsibilities for an afternoon.

Mike came back to talk us through the other elemental cocktails on the menu. I chose Bee Sting from the Air menu, made with chamomile-infused honey, bee pollen, gin, lemon and topped with an edible flower! It even came in a glass that reminded me of Winnie the Pooh’s honey pot!

Aether Bar and Food Liverpool

Every cocktail on Aether’s menu offers something different but single-use Whale Watcher from the Water menu is extra special. Made with Grey Goose vodka, lemonade syrup, citrus and a dill frozen in a block of ice. It comes with an ocean-themed viewfinder so you can do some whale watching as you sip your Whale Watcher.

We where each given a sample of the different gins used in the cocktails to recreate at home. I am very excited to sit back with a Bee Sting and try my hand at my own version of Pink Fizz.

Yu Donut recently finished their stint in the Baltic Market and are residing at Aether over the summer. At first, I was a bit apprehensive about eating donuts with a meaty filling but these savoury donuts are perfect for mopping up the bits that you missed!

We tried the donuts with Peking style duck, hoisin sauce and spring onion. An unexpected changed from pancakes that worked so well! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

Next up was some bits from the dim sum menu: veg gyoza and salt & pepper sui mai served with dipping sauce. A perfect alternative to a bar snack, I could have had a whole portion of the sui mai to myself.

Aether Drinks Liverpool

Last but not least was the char sui seitan noodles. The seitan was so delicious and meaty, it could have passed for real pork – it is definitely on par with the seitan wings from Down The Hatch for faux meaty realness.

Aether is perfect for a cosy date night or something different before starting a night out. The addition of Yu Donuts perfectly compliments the drinks menu, as well as the overall feel of the bar.

You can follow Aether on Facebook and Instagram. You can check on their menu on their website here. You can follow Yu Donut on Instagram here.

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