5 Incredible Road Trips From Liverpool

Liverpool is a city that has a very convenient location. Liverpool has many motorway junctions leading to various cities such as Manchester, London and many others. You can get to them very quickly and comfortably, because all the roads from Liverpool are perfectly asphalted and have no potholes. Their main feature is that they have simply incredible views: forests, fields and even lakes. You can meet all this at any time, going to the desired location.

If you get to Liverpool, you have the opportunity to rent any car you like. People often like the option of luxury car hire Liverpool, which offers a wide range of cars such as Audi Q3, BMW X5 and many others. Having such a car, you can not only enjoy the scenery, but also enjoy the quality of the car.

Formby Beach

Arriving in Liverpool, be sure to go in search of entertainment outside its borders. Immediately drive to Formby Beach. This place is interesting because it has many dunes that surround the extensive coastline. Arriving here, you will be able to contemplate beautiful views of the ocean and enjoy a pleasant sea breeze.

There are also many options to pass the time. You can organise a picnic in this place, ride a bike along various paths or just take a photo session. Also, here you can contemplate the Cumbrian Mountains, against the background of which you will seem like a real ant.

An equally pleasant advantage is that in this location you can easily meet many representatives of the fauna, such as squirrels, lizards and many others.

5 Incredible Road Trips From Liverpool - Formby Beach
Formby Beach

Hilbre Island

If you’re planning to travel from Liverpool to the suburbs, we recommend a place like Hilbre Island. It is ideal for those who enjoy long walks and beautiful views. The calling card of this location is that there are many gray seals here, which are very friendly to tourists and are used to them.

All you need to get to this place is hire a car Liverpool. Thanks to this option, you can go anywhere and not worry about public transport.

In the car, you can transport all your things and not worry about their safety. We are sure that in this way you will be able to get the most from your trip.


Snowdonia is truly one of the more adventurous destinations outside of Liverpool. People come here from different parts of England and Wales, because this area beckons with its unforgettable nature and majesty. It is here that the best mountain views in the whole of the United Kingdom are located, where you can enjoy wonderful views. You will be able to engage in many types of activities while staying here. There are more than 14 peaks in this park, so it is an ideal place for hiking or climbing. The area of ​​this park covers about 900 acres, so be sure to use the car hiring UK service and spend a great day here.

Chester Zoo

Another great option for a road trip is Chester Zoo. It is close to the towers of the city of Liverpool and has a very convenient location. However, this is not just a zoo, but a whole protected complex, the peculiarity of which is that the animals are in their natural environment. There are more than 40,000 of them here, such a number is truly impressive.

When planning to go here, you should definitely take advantage of car hire opportunities, thanks to which you can easily get to this zoo with the whole family and have fun. Don’t miss this opportunity!

5 Incredible Road Trips From Liverpool - Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay

Colwyn Bay

Colwyn Bay is only a 20-minute drive from Liverpool and is stunning from the moment you approach. It is a spit with snow-white sand, which is surrounded by green trees and flowers. However, this place is very civilized: there are shops, souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants, surfing opportunities and much more.


There are a large number of roads leading from Liverpool. All of them lead to incredibly beautiful locations that are definitely worth seeing at least once in your life. Be sure to use the car rental service and get a lot of pleasure from your trip.


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