Takotsubo Men 3rd of 4 Album Review
100%Overall Score

The debut album from Takotsubo Men is a piece of post punk joy with breathless energetic and passionate music.

The Liverpool band appear to have burst onto the local scene following their album launch show with Yeah Buddy DIY last week. The band made up of  lead singer and bassist, Ste Williams, guitarist, Paddy Harrison and drummer Stu Carswell have been delivered an album of real quality and it feels exteremely relevant in the current economic climate; music for the people.

Opening track Skint But Free sets the pace nicely for what’s to come with lyrics like ‘money don’t make you rich, bitch’ it’s a fierce, fast paced post-punk belter of a track. The theme continues with tracks like Magic Shit and Takotsubo Man (derived from the Japanese word used to name a stress induced heart condition!) The tracks are short and sharp, often just 1.45 – 2 minutes of pure adrenaline filled riffs and melody that stick firmly in your head. There’s a couple of tracks which slow the pace and the volume temporarily such as Tony Szabo Destroyed Everything which soon builds it’s pace and volume again into one of the best tracks on the album.

Takotsubo Men Album

Takotsubo Men Debut Album ‘3rd of 4’ Out Now

DSI Martin is an unrelenting track chanting ‘Don’t give them your cigarettes’, listen to the song just once and tell me that you aren’t chanting along. The band have a knack of being able to write tracks that punch hard and leave a lasting impression, the lads show real heart to what they do. Turn Every Switch is another stand out track, as we make our way further through the album each track becomes more cemented in the mind. What the Takotsubo Men have created is an outstanding debut album – we are hooked.

Listening to this album really fills me with the need to check the band out live because you can only imagine that their live set would be incredibly entertaining.

Listen to Takotsubo Men 3rd of 4 on Bandcamp here where you can also purchase it. Find out more on the band on their Facebook page here or Twitter here