Scarlet Band

Five-piece, Scarlet, have that rare quality of a band that successfully blends both male and female vocalists. When you first look at the band they may be easy to dismiss due to the failures of other similar bands but both vocalists work together to combine all of the punchiness of pop with the dreamy quality of indie music.

The video for single ‘Harder To Be’ shows off the band’s energy and youth. Perfectly proving how well they work together as vocalists and instrumentalists, Jessie fronts the band with a cheeky but likeable attitude. The lyrics are fun and any teen or young adult can relate to them.

‘Georgia’ opens with an electronic sound, tipping a nod more towards the dreamy aspect of the band. Combined with the steady drumbeats though, the band are able to infuse pop and indie.  There is a darker quality to this early song, making it perhaps their most impressive. Jessie’s vocals have a captivating quality, charming the listener, whilst the guitars and drums are more grunge.

Recent release, ‘Heart On A Line’, is where the band get more experimental though. Starting off gently, the two lyricists meld together to make a rather unique sound. Stepping away from the normal mushiness of dual vocalists, Scarlet somehow make it work. They become echoes of one another with their vocals following the pattern of the instrumentals so that the whole song pulls together.

With an impressive back catalogue of gigs and festivals, it is no wonder too that the band have been making a name for themselves. Their plans to head into the studio for further releases in the New Year will leave fans anticipating more of these inspiring and unusual songs they are becoming known for.

The band will be playing The Shipping Forecast as support for Neon Waltz on 12th December. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on all of their gigs and releases. Listen to their songs via their Soundcloud and YouTube accounts.

Tilly Martin