Pattersons Chicken

With Independent’s popping up left, right and centre in Liverpool at the moment, it is no surprise that the variety of places to eat is so broad. Whilst there has never been a shortage of chicken here in Liverpool, something has always been missing – Pattersons. As it remains one the best-hidden gems of the city, it’s time to share the secret.

Chicken restaurant by day, bar by night, these chicken experts have revolutionized the way they prepare and cook food, and their attention to detail shines through. The second you walk through their door on Gradwell Street, you know this is a place that cares. Run by some of the most helpful staff I’ve ever met, Pattersons could not be more welcoming (asking for a fifth pot of mayo often causes tension when eating out, but here? Not a problem). The decoration is quirky, but not at all over the top – impressive graffiti artwork covers the walls, and skateboards are used as shelves; the incredibly unique design of the restaurant gives it a really earthy feel.

Pattersons Bar LiverpoolIf the initial impression wasn’t enough, I was not at all prepared for the food I was about to be served. If you’re a chicken- lover like me, there is only one word for what’s on offer at Pattersons – sensational. Slowly marinated in juices for hours, the chicken pieces ooze with mouth-watering flavours, influenced all the way from the southern states of the USA! The presentation is great too – served straight up in a tin bucket, just how it should be. Don’t fancy chicken? They do a halloumi salad as well! If you’re brave enough for dessert after your main, you can finish off with some churros (delicious sugary Spanish donuts), or perhaps a snow-cone (where else can you find these in Liverpool?)

Although the variety of drinks on offer doesn’t exactly cover everything you can think of, the range is still there. Besides, if your regular drink isn’t available, there’ll be a cocktail that is, perfect for the evening when the chicken snack bar becomes just a bar. Why not try the Dirty Doggfather? Consisting of Woodford reserve, disaronno, angostura bitters and (believe it or not) a spoonful of marmite, and to make things better? All of Patterson’s cocktails have been crafted from Independent suppliers; yet another reason to check the place out. And for the guys (the manly ones anyway), Pattersons even has a selection of custom brewed ales and IPAs on offer.

Pattersons ExteriorAs said by the creators themselves; “Independence is at the heart of Pattersons, we don’t want to pump out the same stuff as everywhere else”. So start supporting your local businesses and eating the chicken that dreams are made of. There’s no two ways about it, it is certain to become your new favourite snack restaurant! Every person I’ve told so far has come back more than impressed, and although it’s currently one of Liverpool’s best-kept secrets, it is certainly not going to stay that way for much longer.

Check out their menu on their website here

Pattersons, 28 Gradwell Street, Liverpool, L1 4JH (0151 707 8677 28)

Fran Collis