Liverpool No!se Review
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Categorising their own genre as ‘gypsy scouse surf’, the lads behind The Shipbuilders have definitely hit a unique spot with their music. At their core, the band retains their Liverpudlian roots with a Northern twang rippling through their music. But there’s a low-fi South-Cal vibe mixed in too.

New single ‘Feeling In My Pocket’ is uplifting, no matter how low your mood might be from the winter weather. The four-piece – comprising Matty Loughlin, Danny Lee, Nicky McGrane and Graeme Sully – brings a sunny-side-up to Merseyside. Mixing the thrum of harmonica and guitars, the track oozes the band’s infectious talent, giving the first taster of what’s to come from their debut EP.

The blues-cum-country style of the track wouldn’t sound out of place on a midsummer afternoon, and it’s track like these that you need all year round as a reminder that there’s life after the great winter hibernation and brightness after the long dark nights.

With their forthcoming debut EP, released through Ocean Waves Productions, expected in December, it’ll be a nice little addition to your Christmas wishlist. They’ve got a handful of gigs lined up too so watch this space.

The band is set to perform live as part of Liverpool Music Week’s closing party on Sunday 4th November. Keep an eye on more upcoming live events by following them on Facebook, and give their tracks a listen over on Soundcloud.