Gold Jacks Band

The new release from the Gold Jacks is good, paired down rock. The repetitive riff which forms the backbone of the track is catchy enough to prevent it from becoming annoying, instead providing a perfect foil for the lyrics. There are few embellishments, the track relying on insistent rhythm, crystal clear vocals and minimal, but rather fine guitar licks. Vocally, the track put me in mind of some of the finer bluesy type rock tracks from the 70’s such as the quieter tracks produced by early Deep Purple. The central section of the track, which sees the introduction of a second vocalist, furthers the cool blues-rock feel, yet the overlaying guitar is restrained enough to avoid excess, complementing rather than stifling the rest of the band. With keyboards moving to the fore in the final bars of the track, the retro vibe continues, and a very cool retro vibe it is. If this track is typical of their output, Gold Jacks are definitely a band to watch.

Roxy Gillespie